Who we are

Based in the stunningly beautiful central belt of Scotland, a stone’s throw from Edinburgh and Glasgow, VirtualM3 started life in a small home-office in June 2015, the result of our parent company needing an extra pair of hands to manage the day to day office tasks.

As time passed, we realised that there were a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as our existing associates, that were literally drowning under the sea of mundane daily admin tasks. The tasks that were vitally important to keep a business afloat, but that could easily be delegated to a trusted partner, freeing up time to concentrate on what business leaders really needed to do - grow their businesses.

Today, VirtualM3 has grown into a thriving business, providing support and assistance to busy individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses who recognise the added value of having a personal assistant, without the cost of a full time employee.

Olivia, Livvy, Liv...it's all the same!

Hello! I'm Olivia - or Livvy, as most people call me - and I'm the drive behind VirtualM3.

I have an affinity for helping people - it was what I was born to do. I grew up on three continents, attended schools in three countries, which has meant that from a young age I learnt a lot about people.

Having worked in different businesses - sectors and size - I've also learnt what good looks like. When I began working as a Client Partner in our parent company in 2012, I realised how important the phrase 'under-promise and over-deliver' really was. As a learning & development consultancy, things happened fast, and deadlines, as well as expectations, had to be met. I learnt to successfully manage multiple projects, to know where and how to prioritise, to understand the importance of great customer service.